About Bathtub Repair

Cracks, knicks and scratches happen. When these happen in an acrylic or fiberglass shower or tub it can leave people asking, β€œcan we fix this?” The answer is yes!

Bathtub Refinishing 

Bathtub or shower looking dingy and grimy no matter how hard you scrub? We can resurface and refinish your tub floor to make it look shiny and new!

Bad Floor & Holes

Often times the floor of a tub or shower can become weak due to use or being improperly installed. This can lead to soft floors and huge cracks that turn into holes. We call these bad floors. Although it might look like a lost cause, we can repair the majority of these. This will save you tons of time and money by not having to install a new unit.

Cracks & Scratches

Do you have a knick or a crack in your bathtub or shower? Don't spend oodles of money replacing your whole tub when we can repair if for a fraction of the cost.